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Need to catch up on your classes' Rainforest topic? An online ZOOM talk from Life in the Rainforest is a great alternative when an actual visit isn't possible. Life in the Rainforest will take your class from the forest floor to the canopy of some of the world's most diverse rain forests.

Crested Black Macaque, Indonesia 


Using images and video clips from his own field trips to the forests of South and Central America, Africa and Asia; the talks looks at diversity, adaptation, camouflage, deforestation and much more.

De-forestation, Suriname


Children will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each session. Images used are from Paul's vast collection of research trip photographs taken over many years studying spiders and insects in the rainforests throughout the world.

Atlas moth caterpillar, Sri Lanka




"We would like to thank you for the fantastic rainforest zoom call that Year 5 shared with you. The children were captivated through the whole session, glued to the screen not knowing what might pop up next! There were a few screams at times which added to the excitement! The session was very informative and a week later the children are still repeating things they learned from you! Thank you very much!"

Mr Geoff Allen (Head teacher), Mrs Joanne Stobie & Mrs Michaela Parkins,

Maple Grove Primary School, Hemel Hempstead.

Green tree viper, Malaysia

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