Children’s Parties


Have a party with a difference; I will take the children from the forest floor up into the canopy. On the way we will see the cleaners, creatures that eat the rotting leaves wood and fruit that falls to the forest floor. Then we move up into the trees and see the spiders, tree frogs and praying mantis. Finally the stick insects masters of camouflage.


Millipedes, Beetles, spiders, tree frogs, snakes, Mantids, and Stick insects are just some of the creatures used during the parties. The children will be allowed to touch some of the creatures; this makes the parties an exciting event the children will remember.


Paul Carpenter has travelled throughout the world studying tarantulas and has visted the rainforests of Borneo, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Ghana and South America. Paul not only brings the creatures of the rainforest but his experience as well.

Paul in Sri Lanka

Paul in Malaysia

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