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Life in the Rainforest offers a variety of workshops to fit in with KS1 and KS2 school teaching programs.


The one hour minibeast and rain forest classroom workshops will take the children from the rain forest floor up into the canopy. Beginning with the cleaners, the eaters of rotting wood, leaves and fruit, we then look at beetles and their amazing lifecycle, did you know it is same as the butterflies? This is then followed by the tarantula, snake and tree frog, predators of the under story. Then we move into the canopy, where praying mantis and stick insects use their camouflage to hide amongst the leaves. We see how the mantis use camouflage to catch their food, and the stick insects use it to stop themselves becoming food. The workshops can cover evolution, locomotion, habitats and lifecycles. During the workshops the children will be allowed to touch some of the animals. Being able to feel the exoskeleton of an insect and the sticky skin of a tree frog brings them closer to experiencing life in the rain forest.



Paul now offers an online version of his workshops via ZOOM.

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“I would like to thank you, on behalf of everyone in junior school, for the wonderful rainforest workshop which you presented for us. All the staff and children thought it was excellent and that you presented it so well to all the different age groups. We were very impressed by your knowledge and obvious love of the subject. You certainly inspired all the children and it was the highlight of our science day. Thank you so much!”


C Hadfield, The Kings School Gloucester.

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